Custom Services

Nobody knows the vision for your custom jewelry design better than you. Let’s meet and discover how brilliant your project can be. You talk, tell us your story, we listen.  We’ll share what we know. We’ll work with you to design and create what you desire. We have a proven four-phase process that allows us to manage your project from conception to completion.

1. Client Design Meeting

We begin your project with a Client Design Meeting over coffee or via email where we discuss your ideas, budget, sizes (ring, wrist, chain length, scale, etc.), timeline, and key features.  

2. Design

We will work closely together during this phase and will provide you with hand drawn sketches based on the ideas we discussed during our design meeting.  

3. CAD Modeling

This phase begins with initial “rough” renderings based on your chosen final sketched design and ends with a final design for your approval.  

4. Creation

Our jewelry is created using the latest tools, machinery, and processes combined with traditional hand craft skills, so that your custom piece is of the highest quality. Your piece will be ready for you at the end of this process! 

For more information, please fill out our custom inquiry form and we will be in touch regarding your request.