Kristen Baird CAD

Kristen Baird

CAD stands for Computer Aid Design. This acronym is given to several software programs. I am specifically referring to 3-D modeling programs, such as Rhinoceros 5 and Matrix 8.0. I prefer to use Matrix 8.0. While Rhinoceros 5 is becoming the software standard for the industry, Matrix 8.0 allows for easy customization as it is a jewelry centered design program.

I mainly reserve using CAD for the Custom and Bridal Work. While not all custom pieces are created using Matrix, I enjoy using it for complex designs. By using the computer, I am able to test out a variety of options. For example, I have the chance to show a client different metal options, if they aren’t sure of which they want to choose.

If you are curious about the process of creating CAD pieces and would like to hear more, let us know! We’re love hearing from you! Also, your message may lead us to a new topic to cover on our blog!

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