Uniqueness in Kristen Baird Production

Kristen Baird

While I love creating custom designs, any visitor to my website will see I have collections that are constantly in production. Each of these pieces is completely unique, but they all have siblings that may look similar. For example, a Ripple Chevron Fringe Necklace is created using the same steps, such as hammering and reticulation; however, these techniques make it impossible to recreate the same exact piece, giving each a uniqueness that can not be replicated. 

This is what keeps my production work interesting. Although the pieces look very similar, I can see the differences, making every piece a new piece I have never made before. This keeps me excited to step into the studio every day. Each piece has a beautiful and one of a kind production journey that always keeps me on my toes. 

If you have questions about the creation of any of the collection pieces, let us know! We're always excited to hear from you. Plus, your question may inspire a new blog post for us to go further in detail about our production process.

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